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Things You Need to Know Before You Evict Your Faulty Tenants

Time occurs when it becomes difficult to endure the bad behavior and destruction of trouble-making tenants. They might make unnecessary delays in paying rent, breach or violate the rental contract, damage your property value, and so on!! The only option left for you as a landlord is an eviction. Before you take any step, there are a few crucial aspects that you, being the landlord, should know. And here, we will give you a brief insight into them, so read till the end! 

What legal grounds do you need to have to evict your tenant or to file an eviction? 

Well, In the state of California, there are many laws and rules, protecting tenants from eviction. To proceed with the eviction process, you need to show strong evidence to the court against your tenants. You can only file a lawsuit with the court when your tenant:

  • Does not pay the rent on time 
  • Disobeys the terms of the contract
  • Does not leave the property after being served Notice of Termination 
  • Exploits the property for unlawful and illegal purposes 
  • Creates disturbances to the neighborhood even after repeated notice.

If you want to evict your tenant from your property, you can absolutely do that by serving proper eviction notices.  

If your tenant has a month-to-month tenancy and is staying in your property for less than one year, you need to serve a 30-day notice. 

On the other hand, if the tenant has lived in your property for a year or more, you are liable to serve a 60-day notice. Some cities in California require just cause reason for termination of tenancy for tenants that have occupied the residence for over a year. It is always best to list a just cause reason when one applies.

Steps involved in a legal eviction procedure

Before coming to the core part, i.e., steps to succeed as a landlord in eviction court, you must know that eviction in California is pretty time-consuming since it is a multi-step procedure. However, you can accelerate the process with the assistance of an Unlawful Detainer Assistant, also known as, an eviction paralegal.

Here are the steps to follow :

Step 1: Serve an eviction notice 

The first step involves drafting and serving an appropriate eviction notice. You must be very careful while preparing the notice. A wrong approach might turn the table. So, it is always better to seek a local eviction service and get the notice prepared by an expert, including:

  • Name, contact number, and address of the tenant 
  • Date notice expires 
  • Reason for eviction
  • Signature of the landlord 

Step 2: Wait for the response 

Now, relying on the notice type, you need to provide your tenants with a specific time period for a response. For example, if you have served a 3-day notice to the renter for not paying the rent, wait and watch whether he clears the dues or not. If somehow the tenant fails to respond, proceed with step 3.

Step 3: File unlawful detainer with the court for eviction

When your tenant does not comply with your notice, it’s time to commence a court case. And for that, you’re required to file an unlawful detainer complaint with the court.

 Considering all the evidence that proves that your tenant is faulty, the court will hand you over the stamped copy of the summons and the unlawful detainer complaint. You have to hire a 3rd party, at best a registered process server to have the tenants served the summons and complaint.

NOTE: You have to file proof of service to the court that the summons and complaint have been served to the tenants and unnamed occupants. 

Step 4:  Wait for the tenant to file a response 

After you serve your tenant with the summons and complaint, he/she gets a time of five business days to file a response, if personally served. If they are substitute served the tenants have 15 days to file a response.

If the required days have passed and your tenant fails to file a response within that mentioned time frame, you can ask the courthouse for a default verdict. 

However, for that, it is required to file the request to enter default, judgment, and writ of possession. If in fact the tenants did not respond the court clerk will issue a writ of possession, to take to the sheriff to lockout the tenants. 

What should you do when the scenario is different? 

Well, if your tenants answer the complaint, the county court sets a trial date. On the day of the court hearing, both you and the tenant should be present in the courthouse with evidence. Remember, the burden of proof is always on the landlord.

So, make sure to bring the lease agreement, payment records, and all the other documentary evidence to prove your case. Based on all the evidence presented, the judge makes the final ruling and enters the final judgment.  

Hopefully, now you know how lengthy and complicated the eviction process can be. But you can cut it short with our Landlord Eviction Services in Roseville and across California. Call us whenever you seek legal help for evicting problematic tenants. 

Things you can do when your renters stop paying rent

Most landowners often discover themselves in a predicament where their renters either stop paying the rents or make delays in the payment. It is indeed a frustrating situation, but losing your cool will definitely lead you nowhere. Hence, you need to deal with such circumstances with patience and proper legal guidance. So, what can you do in such a situation? Read ahead for better comprehension.


Accumulate the evidence

If you are willing to drag the matter to court, make sure; you have the evidence of your complaint. So, the first and foremost thing you have to do is keeping the records of the transactions between you and your renters. If your tenants agree to pay the rent on time and catch up on the due payments after receiving the court papers, ensure to keep the settlement papers.


Talk to the bondsman

In some cases, a guarantor (the tenant’s friend or relative) remains involved who assured compensation for the due bills. If your tenants are unable to pay the rent, contacting the guarantor sounds like a good idea. In the case; the guarantor does not pay heed to the situation, you would need to handle the matter with judicial aid.


Ask your tenants to vacate your property

Your tenants are supposed to clear all the unpaid renters within your mentioned deadline. If your tenants keep on repeating the same thing, you can claim to get back your property’s possession. After a span of 21 days of not getting the rent, you possess the right to reclaim your property.


 Seek assistance from the legal experts

In such a condition, the paralegal experts can be of great assistance. Dragging the matter to the attorneys can cost you a lot more. So, it is better to administer the quandary with paralegal aid. The last option left for you is evicting them. You can highlight two issues before the court: first, the missed rents, second, the expenses you made in order to pursue it. While drafting the notice period, inform the paralegal experts to include the details of the misconduct precisely.


Whether experienced or new, both landowners have to undergo this stressful situation. Handling the affairs becomes convenient when you are acquainted with the state law. Being strict and attaining ideal judicial assistance are the keys to dealing with the tenant issues peacefully and conveniently.

Eviction Help Sacramento

Looking for eviction help in Sacramento- Find your solution here!

Evicting a tenant is truly a time consuming and intimidating process. Even it can be frustrating and stressful for the landlords. If a tenant refuses to vacate the property, the landlords should not tackle this issue on their own. They must take eviction help for getting a permanent solution. Most of the people in Sacramento always prefer to hire the unlawful detainer assistants in this regard. If you are suffering from the same issue, it is highly advisable to contact a reputed paralegal firm to appoint an unlawful detainer assistant for eviction help in Sacramento. The expert will help you a lot and make the entire process easier. However, there are several reasons to evict a tenant. These reasons are given in the attached passage. If you are passing through any of these situations, you must take eviction help.




The different reasons to evict a tenant

A landlord can evict a tenant for the following reasons:

  • Lease violation.
  • If the tenant has an unauthorized animal on the premises.
  • If the tenant allows someone else in the property without your permission.
  • If the tenant is involved in any illegal activities.
  • Property damage and so many.

If you are suffering from any of these issues, you should immediately hire an unlawful detainer assistant to receive eviction help in Sacramento. Now, go through the rest of this post to know how you will be benefitted by taking this approach.

How an unlawful detainer assistant can help you in the eviction process?

Read the below-mentioned points attentively and you will easily understand why you are suggested to contact a paralegal firm in this respect.

The experts have comprehensive knowledge about the eviction process

All the registered and bonded unlawful detainer assistants have adequate knowledge and years of experience in the eviction process. They are well aware of each a necessary step that must be carried out to evict a tenant. If you deliver this gigantic responsibility to them, you will be assured that your problem is going to be resolved quickly.

They prepare the eviction notice fast

If your problem is critical, it is desirable to have a professional prepare and serve the eviction notice as early as possible. Here, you can get this advantage by appointing an unlawful detainer assistant. They can prepare the eviction notice within a short time. Even, they can also serve the notice to your tenant on the same day.

Release your stress

This is truly a big headache for the landlords if their tenants refuse to vacate their property. So, why will you take this burden in spite of having the help of an unlawful detainer assistant? If you appoint the professional, you wouldn’t need to bring your time out from your hectic schedule to serve the eviction notice to your tenant. They will take all the responsibility from the beginning and provide you assistance until or unless you get success.

Consider hiring us

You can contact Legal Document Assistants, a renowned paralegal firm. Our experts are always ready for you to give eviction help in Sacramento. Feel free to contact us to take our assistance.

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